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If you are looking for an electric vehicle charging unit with a friendly price, the smallest dimensions that are suitable for home, office or commercial areas, then the AC – Smart Mini EV Wallbox is the right charging station series. Even though it has a small scale size, this type has functions and efficiency that are no less powerful. With type 2 AC current specifications, AC – Smart Mini EV Wallbox is available in three power outputs , namely: 

  • 7kW(32A) – Single Phase
  • 22kW(32A)  –  Three Phase 
  • 43kW(63A) – Three Phase

The body of this unit is made of lightweight and strong aluminum alloy with a cable reach of four meters. With a sturdy cover that is resistant to environmental conditions, AC – Smart Mini EV Wallbox can be hung indoors or outdoors. Apart from external protection, this type is also equipped with a security system against machine malfunctions such as electrical leaks, temperature increases, overload and lightning wave indications. 

Using the AC – Smart Mini EV Wallbox charging station has also been made easier with user-friendly technology implemented through LED indicator features, touch screen and RFID card reader access. The vehicle charging process can also be accessed using a cellphone application called ChargeCore. With this application, users can monitor the charging process remotely via the actual cellphone screen.