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AC – Smart OCPP Twins provides a charging station option that is environmentally friendly and easy to use. Even though it has a very slim form, AC – Smart OCPP Twins has great power and performance. The AC – Smart OCPP Twins unit can charge vehicles efficiently with fast charging capabilities for commercial sizes. By placing two sockets on either side of the tower, the AC – Smart OCPP Twins type is available in three power outputs, namely:

  • 7kW(32A) – Single Phase
  • 22kW(32A) – Three Phase 
  • 43kW(64A) – Three Phase 

Apart from its flexibility, AC – Smart OCPP Twins also provides other conveniences in terms of operation with an LED indicator feature and a 5 inch LCD touch screen which is able to display charging status clearly and accurately. AC – Smart OCPP Twins is also integrated with a remote application called ChargeCore. This advanced application allows its users to monitor the charging process from your mobile screen. 

The AC – Smart OCPP Twins type also has adequate protection and security specifications. The AC – Smart OCPP Twins unit body is made of metal with IP55 protection standards which is resistant to dust and heavy rain. The charging process is also safer with a temperature stabilization system with a resistance of –30 to 55 degrees Celsius. This charging station is also equipped with guaranteed protection from electricity leaks and high voltage so that use is guaranteed to be safe for both users and electric vehicles.