BDC.2.SC EV Charger

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An electric vehicle charger that has fast charging capabilities and a size that is not too large is the definition of a BDC. Having a minimalist black and white design, this type is not only a preference for public charging stations, but also in offices and parking lots. 

BDC offers efficient DC-type charging features for commercial use. This standing model charger is equipped with two charging hoses on either side of the head with two different power output configurations, namely: 

  • 20kW – DC 
  • 40 kW – DC 

Placing the cable at the foot of the charging station increases the station’s reach to the vehicle and reduces the possibility of the cable getting tangled so that your charging experience will be of higher quality. Apart from that, you will also be accommodated with an operating system display that is friendly to new users. The BDC display is equipped with touch features, LED indicators, and RFID card reader implementation. 

Apart from that, BDC has also been proven to have a protection and security system for both the user and the electric vehicle. With this protection system, the incoming electrical power will definitely be optimal and long-lasting every time you charge.