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EVDX.3.SC is the answer to the need for extra fast charging or what is called a supercharger which is needed for charging stations in public spaces. Apart from significantly reducing charging time, EVDX is also a budget-friendly solution to the need for electric vehicle charging stations when compared with other commercial brands with the same specifications. 

EVDX is capable of efficient AC and DC charging on a commercial scale. This unit is equipped with a three-plug configuration with different outputs , namely: 

  • 82kW – 60DC + 22/43kW
  • 142kW – 120DC + 22/43kW
  • 182kW – 160DC + 22/43kW 

EVDX is thoroughly designed to be able to balance the production of output power large enough to achieve supercharging capabilities . The unit’s safety standards are guaranteed by having a security design in the system that prevents current leaks, excessive voltage, temperature increases and indications of lightning waves. Apart from that, with a metal casing material, EVDX is also protected from UV rays and can be placed indoors or outdoors with a roof. 

The user operating display on this unit is complete with touch features, LED, emergency stop, and RFID card recognition. Using EVDX is friendly for new users because the appearance is clear and familiar.