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Our Mobile Substation is a solution for fast distribution of electrical energy and handling emergency electrical disturbances. The advantage of UCUP is that apart from not having to be built on the ground, it is also useful as a replacement source of electricity in the event of a sudden blackout.  

UCUP is a modern assistance system that can be mobilized so that its use is flexible, targeted, cost effective, space efficient and environmentally friendly. Powerindo released two types of UCUP, namely UCB and UCKB, here is the description: 

Mobile Cubicle Unit (UCB) Features: 

  • Instant backup for PHBTM ring network 
  • Automatic hydraulic brake with up and down master drum 
  • Configurable TM panels comply with PHBTM via SCM standards 
  • Installation of louvres for natural ventilation 
  • The base cable plate is made of aluminum with a thickness of 4mm 
  • Modern front panel access 

Moving Cable Cubicle Unit (UCKB) Features 

  • Individual cable rollers for each SRT phase to prevent cables from other phases from getting tangled together 
  • Guide cable wheels that make cable pulling and winding easy 
  • Roller bearing that makes it easier to rotate the cable roller manually 
  • Automatic hydraulic brake with up and down master drum.
  • PHBTM panel mounting holes for several PLN standard PHBTM panel models which makes panel installation and termination easier.
  • Plinth ( raised floor ) equipment to make it easier to install medium voltage cables