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TRAFOINDO transformer service division has over 40 years of experience in handling various transformer services.

Unlike other transformer service companies, TRAFOINDO is also Indonesia’s biggest transformer factory with comprehensive facilities, which allow us to provide the widest range of services. Our oil laboratory is ISO 17025-certified and is the most comprehensive in Indonesia.

Our services include:

  1. Commissioning of new transformers.
  2. Maintenance of oil-immersed and dry-type transformers. Service contracts are available to allow regular visits.
  3. Servicing and refurbishing of distribution transformers up to 30MVA, 20 kV, This may include rewinding of transformer coils.
  4. Replacement of gaskets for main tank, cable boxes, HV and LV bushings, radiator fins, and tap changers.
  5. High vacuum purification and filtration of transformer oils.
  6. Complete replacement of transformer oil.
  7. TRAFOINDO also provide various spare parts in stock including bushings, tap changers and many transformer accessories.

TRAFOINDO can perform various tests such as:

  1. Oil tests for dielectric (BDV) strength, and power factor (tangent-delta).
  2. Dissolved gas-in-oil analysis (DGA) by gas chromatography.
  3. Winding resistance, insulation resistance, and turn-ratio tests.
  4. Secondary current injection tests on relays (No load test).
  5. Functional checks on transformer accessories such as bucholz relay, temperature and pressure alarm, and tripping devices.
  6. Sweep Frequency Response Analysis (SFRA).
  7. Various others.

Providing peace of mind, for you. Orchestrated by Trafoindo service team, curated for your electrical system maintenance needs.

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