Instrument Transformer

Current and Voltage Transformers, indoor and outdoor type, installed in switchgears or powerlines, for protection or metering purposes. (Up to 25kA, 36kV, PLN certified, CE marked, ISO 17025-certified)

Dry Type Distribution Transformer

The cast resin (dry type) transformers are well known for their high safety standard and maintenance-free character. The use of cast resin transformers is highly recommended for important installations such as airports and high rise buildings. More customers are accepting these dry type transformers due to the high safety standards and our competitive pricing. As […]

Oil Type Distribution Transformer

As we are Indonesia’s leading manufacturer of transformers, distribution transformers is one of our expertise. We are certified ISO 9001 : 2015, 14001 : 2015 and 45001 : 2018 to meet international standards. Our distribution transformers are also type test certified and highly reputable in various segments in Indonesia and overseas, including: the utility sector, […]

Mobile Substation

Our Mobile Substation is a solution for fast distribution of electrical energy and handling emergency electrical disturbances. The advantage of UCUP is that apart from not having to be built on the ground, it is also useful as a replacement source of electricity in the event of a sudden blackout.   UCUP is a modern assistance […]

Stacking Substation

The electric power distribution substation is in the form of a vertical cubicle arrangement so it doesn’t take up a lot of space. This two-door substation has a synergy of medium voltage (PHB-TM) and low voltage (PHB-TR) which is configured via a switch panel with a transformer power source of 20/0.4 kV – 630 kV.  […]

Tower Substation

The tower substation is an integrated unit designed for the SKTM and SUTM network distribution systems. The installation process is quite practical, namely by locking it on a concrete foundation pad and connecting external cables through cable windows in the foundation.  The main parts of the tower substation include:  The main construction of the substation […]

Kiosk Substation

Kiosk substations are electrical distribution posts in the form of movable medium voltage cubicles. With a metal-based body, the construction inside the substation is built with several options to provide functions that suit the customer’s needs.  Customization options: