Polymer Fuse Cut Out – Up to 25kV

Fuse Cut Out (FCO) functions as a support for distribution transformer protection against excessive current disturbances and possible short circuits. Cut out fuses are installed on medium voltage overhead lines with the capability to protect voltages up to 27kV and currents of 200A per unit. There are two series of Fuse Cut Outs produced by […]

Polymer Lightning Arrester – Up to 25kV

The function of a lightning arrester is to protect electrical equipment and its electrical network from excessive electrical voltage. This component is a crucial accessory to increase the reliability and resistance of power plants. Powerindo supplies three series of lightning arresters with different resistance parameters, namely: 

Polymer Pin / Line Post Insulator – Up to 25kV

Our Pin / Line Post Insulator made from polymer, functions to support power electrical cable that transmits electricity distribution. This insulator has a medium voltage electrical isolation strength of 25kV per unit.